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In modern horror games, your opponents may have quite innocent appearance and look friendly. But it will stop the very moment they manage to lure you into their traps! This is exactly what may happen in the class of Ms Lemons. It is a teacher who is impatient to question you on different subjects. If you are sure you are well-versed in math and geometry and your logic works flawlessly, accept the challenge! It is quite simple – just answer the questions!

Do not waste time!

You will see an interactive board on the screen – all tasks will be displayed on it. At first, you will deal with math – just select the right answer from the three offered ones. There is nothing difficult here, so most players handle it well. The next level is geometry, and it is more challenging as your time is restricted for reach task. If you think for too long, you will fail. Each failed task will irritate your teacher. You will see it immediately as Ms Lemons has an irritation scale. Each mistake will add a point to it. If you are not lucky and make 10 mistakes, the patience of your teacher is over and she gets really upset. Moreover, this dissatisfaction with your performance will fully transform her, and she will turn into a terrible monster in an instant! It is advisable to avoid this situation if you can!

Will you pass the game to its end?

There is a variety of levels here, but not all players are smart enough to easily complete all of them. You may have already understood that you will be peacefully enjoying the game until you provide too many wrong answers and get Ms. Lemons mad. This is a point when the walkthrough abruptly changes. Now your life is in danger! The teacher is quite evil now and offers you a risky mini-game where your outcome is doomed no matter what you do. But wait, you have not yet visited an in-game store. It offers a lot of different tools that still may help you survive if you purchase them and use them in time. So make sure you have enough coins to buy a knife, a hammer, headache pills and many other items. You will find enough tips in the menu on how all these objects can help you. Will you manage to find a way to neutralize Ms.Lemons when she gets furious? Maybe you will even find a way to kill her when she poses a threat to your life? Start playing this indie game now to find responses to these questions. But be very focused as only a few players could pass all these tricky levels and remain alive.

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