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Slendrina Must Die: The Asylum

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This great horror adventure is going to be chilling. All events unfold in an abandoned asylum where players will be left on their own to survive. The place is full of dark corridors and tricky obstacles. But what is even worse – a lot of terrifying creatures are lurking around. These are restless souls of dead people that are ready to deal with everyone who steps into their territory. And the scariest of them all is Slendrina, a demonic ghost who is following the player and looking for a chance to kill him.

Will you eventually survive?

Is there a way to find an exit from this terrible asylum? You must find and collect all the hidden medical books. There are eight of them, and they can be in the most unexpected places. You will be armed with a gun that you need to use as soon as you feel your enemy is close. But remember one thing – you should never look into Slendrina’s eyes! The evil ghost has a special power and can possess your soul by her look. You will not find the exit until you collect all the objects. So do your best to carefully explore the location not to miss any of them. You will love the eerie atmosphere and spine-chilling soundtrack. So do not miss this cool adventure if you love horrors!

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