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Ms.Lemons 2

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Just like every other muscle in our body, our brain needs constant training. And let’s be honest, once out of school, we kind of disregard it. Can you remember when was the last time you solved a math problem? Or did a word puzzle? Maybe just yesterday. And maybe years ago. Don’t let your neurons go all feeble and idle. Set them to work with a fascinating and tricky puzzle game Ms. Lemons 2!

Ms. Lemons is back and stricter than ever!

If you already played the first part of Ms. Lemons, you surely remember this strict lemon lady in teacher’s glasses. Everything about her reminds you of being a school kid that is about to be called forth to answer in front of the whole class at the blackboard. And indeed, there is a blackboard right there. It’s blank yet, but very soon it will be covered with all sorts of answers and solutions you can come up with.

Solving the tasks Ms. Lemons is about to give you requires a lot of patience, persistence and some brains. But even if you keep failing at first, just show a little perseverance, and you’ll surely get there! Ms. Lemons will clue you in if you get totally lost, but her kindness is not infinite, and if you keep fooling around, she may use some of the old school teaching methods that you won’t particularly like!

Solve all the tasks right and don’t get Ms. Lemons mad!

Yes, Ms. Lemons has a dark side and pray that you don’t see it! If that happens, you will regret coming to her class in the first place. So it’s in your best interest to try and make as few mistakes as possible. Of course, it’s hard to avoid them altogether, but it’s better to take your time and consider all possible options than go with the first solution that comes to your mind hit or miss. Aside from the tasks that are time-based – in that case, you have to think not only well, but also quick.

With its quirky and a little bit creepy atmosphere, strange graphics and no less or even more strange main character, Ms. Lemons 2 is definitely a game that will draw your attention for a long time. It will be interesting both for those who are just looking to spend a fun time playing something fresh and unusual and for those who are sincerely curious about good-quality indie projects. So spend a few hours with Ms. Lemons and see if you can handle all those tricky tasks she has in store for you!

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