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Ms Lemons

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We used to consider lemons as harmless fruits that grow on our trees in the garden, lie on our table and in the refrigerator. Sometimes we make juice out of them, sometimes we make tea. We all know it’s a great source of vitamin C and other nutrients, and lemon zest adds a zesty twist to any dessert. But what if we told you that lemons are not as simple as they seem? Some of them may be intelligent and even smarter than you! If you don’t believe me, try competing with Ms. Lemons in logic puzzles and intricate puzzles!

Ms. Lemons is ready to give you a lesson!

This female lemon (or how to call her, there is officially no such species anywhere in the biology books) is a real trickster! Seeing her sly look and predatory shine in her glasses, you will immediately understand – it is better not to mess with her! But you have already crossed the threshold of her class, so blame yourself. Now you will have to devote more than one hour of time to solving problems of varying complexity, which this unusual character has prepared for you. And do not think that all of them will be so simple!

First Ms. Lemons will give you something basic to warm you up. You’ll probably be able to handle the first few quests without any problems. But then the real test of logic and resourcefulness will begin. Ms. Lemons is broad-minded and she can ask you questions from completely different areas. And don’t expect to just peep the answer on the Internet – it doesn’t work like that here! After all, questions and tasks are not designed at all in such a way that they can be answered in one line. You will have to thoroughly rack your brains before you guess what the solution should be.

Use your logic and ingenuity to pass all the levels!

In Ms. Lemons has enough levels for every taste. The solution of each new task opens the way to the next stage, where everything becomes much more complicated and interesting. Sometimes Ms. Lemons will give you hints, but mostly you will have to think on your own, going through all the possible options and approaches, trying to look at the problem from different angles and notice previously missed details and hints. This will be a real workout for your brain. And if you play this game often enough, you will soon notice that your intellectual powers have become much faster and more efficient. So welcome to class Ms. Lemons! Solve all her clever puzzles and find out what awaits you at the end of the game!

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