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Mr. Tomatos 2

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Meet Mr.Tomatos, a cartoon-looking character that just asks for food. It is the main objective of this weird simulator – to provide your personage with enough food. But as in many indie project, you will have to follow special rules. You character does not like to eat everything, and you should only choose the products he approves. So where is the trick? You should start playing this game to find out what can happen if you offer Mr. TomatoS wrong food, even if you do it unintentionally!

Feed your personage without a stop!

It seems Mr. TomatoS is never full! He eats continuously and asks for more! Sometimes, you will have to mix several ingredients using a blender. Here you need to be extremely careful as not all food can be mixed. What will happen if you forget about this rule? Your personage will be really upset. Moreover, he can even get angry and dangerous! So think well when you are preparing a new dish for him – Mr.Tomatos will immediately spot your slightest mistake! It is better not to irritate the personage as you can never predict his reaction. It can be devastating!

You may be in danger!

It is recommended not to fill the scale of Mr.TomatoS anger. The consequences may be really unpredictable! However, it will not be easy to always guess correctly what ingredients are hidden in the bags. So be prepared to protect yourself once your personage gets uncontrollable. Visit the in-game store to see some helpful tools you may purchase to stay safe. And the most intriguing thing is that you never know how the game will end for you – there are several possible options based on your actions. Think ahead how to avoid the worst of them! Good luck!

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