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Geometry Dash Horror

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If you are a fan of Geometry Dash, here is a great spin-off of your popular game! This time, it is a horror adventure. You are welcome to a series of challenging levels with spooky and eerie obstacles. And you need to overcome them in a really fast-paced manner. The objective of the game is to guide your character through a variety of rounds that are packed with traps, trials and monsters. All levels are accompanied by a horror-themed soundtrack and graphics in a relevant style.

Will you manage it to the very ends?

The gameplay is exactly the same as in the original release. Players need to jump and dodge obstacles that are now really deadly – spikes and chainsaws that can kill you instantly. Besides, they should collect various rewards and power-ups. However, all events are very gruesome in this version. The thing is that you will now deal with monsters that will suddenly appear from nowhere! Such unexpected twists will scare you to death. The only way to succeed and survive is to react quickly and identify all dangers in time to avoid them. Another attraction of this entertainment is that you can create your own horror levels and share them with other players. Have incredible fun!

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