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In this cool simulator, you will interact only with one character – Mr. TomatoS. And you will actually have only one task – to feed the protagonist. At first glance, it may seem that the game is monotonous and boring, but this is a false impression. As you proceed through the story, you will face certain challenges, and some of them may even bring enough risks! Are you still ready to test it? Then let’s delve deeper into this adventure!

Feed your character!

Mr. TomatoS is always hungry. And you need to give him enough food. But there is one crucial moment – your hero does not like all things. Even if you try to mix one wrong ingredient into his food – he will immediately spot it. At first, it will be easy to follow the instructions, but things get really confusing as you progress through the gameplay. Some of the products will come hidden in bags. Now you do not know what exactly you give to Mr. TomatoS. All you can do is to fully trust your luck and intuition. But be prepared for all the consequences your wrong choices may bring. They are not going to be exciting in particular cases – your personage may become unbelievably dangerous in an instant! So be very careful!

Do not get Mr.TomatoS mad!

If you are attentive enough – you may have notices an anger scale. What is it for? The thing is that this weird personage can get unbelievable angry if you neglect the rules and offer him something he really hates. And if you keep violating his preferences, the scale will reach its maximum, turning the hero into a real monster. It is obvious that you cannot expect anything good from Mr.TomatoS in this case. Now, the further development of the events depends on your actions. There are several endings possible here – check how the story will end up for you. Do your best to remain safe and sound!


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