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Garten of Banban 3

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Imagine exploring an abandoned kindergarten, where the kids and teachers mysteriously disappeared without a trace. It’s up to you to figure out what happened and get to the bottom of this spooky mystery. That’s what you’re about to do playing Garten of Banban 3!

Find out what really happened in Garten of Banban!

As you enter the empty and eerie building, you can feel your heart racing with excitement and fear. The walls are peeling, the toys are broken, and the air is stale. It’s like time stands still here. You start to explore the rooms, looking for clues and solving puzzles. You use various tools and devices to aid your investigation, first of all your faithful little drone that can get anywhere for you.

Settle your eyes on every little hint that can help you uncover the disturbing secrets of this place. You will find strange markings on the walls and eerie recordings spilling light on these spooky events. The more you discover, the more you feel like you’re getting closer to the bottom of it. But the danger is never far away and you have to stay alert. Will you be able to reveal the truth, or will you fall prey to the creepy monsters that haunt this abandoned kindergarten? That remains to be seen in Garten of Banban 3!

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